At Standing With Hope, we’ve heard from many families over the years who called to say that a loved one who wore a prosthetic limb passed away …and they didn’t know what to do with the limb. Often with great emotion, they ask if we would take the limb.

We are so honored that widows, widowers, children, and other family members will trust us with a used limb …and we absolutely will take those limbs, recycle all the usable parts, and ship them overseas to help serve another person needing a limb. Prosthetic socks, liners, sleeves, and belt systems …we will take it all. If a shoe is on the artificial foot, please don’t forget to include the other shoe!

prosthetic limbFor ten years, volunteer prosthetists have traveled with us to work with Ghana Health Services in order to equip local technicians to build and maintain limbs for their own people. We make custom-fit sockets on site, (Acrylic Resin Laminate, Carbon Fiber), and build the prosthesis with the knees, pylons, feet, adapters, etc… that we gather through our Recycle Limbs Program. I call it “Operation Footloose” as in “Turn that foot loose …so we can recycle it.” (See the article about us in the BBC)

Get this, all the materials go to a local prison in Tennessee (in a partnership with Corrections Corporation of America) where inmates volunteer to disassemble the used prostheses and the the parts are shipped over to Ghana.

Prosthetic limbHelp us get the word out to families of amputees.
Whether their loved-one passed away, or the patient simply outgrew the limb …those devices have great ongoing value. Standing With Hope founder, Gracie Rosenberger, has used her own prostheses in this ministry that she founded (see the video and picture). It’s truly the gift that keeps on walking, and those donated legs are in good hands!

PS. We also take arms ( and ALMS!)

Peter Rosenberger


Mail The Used Limbs to:

Metro Davidson County Detention Facility
Standing With Hope Program
Attn: Mr. Wilson
5115 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37211

Please pack items for shipping and send via U.S. Postal Service, FedEx or UPS.

– Standing With Hope does not pay for shipping of donated items.

– Your contribution may be tax-deductible. Standing With Hope will give you an itemized list of your contribution, but will not assess a value to the donated limb or other items.  There are simply too many variables with prosthetic limbs (energy story feet, high performance components, etc…)Please discuss the value of your donation with your prosthetic provider or tax adviser.

– Please include donor name, complete mailing address and email  with your shipment so we may acknowledge your contribution for tax purposes. 

 – If you would like a receipt of this donation in kind, please include the name of the person donating the limb with the device (confidentially maintained).  Also, if there is a shoe on the prosthetic leg, please include the other shoe!  

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