From this week’s show (10/12/2015).  Bette from Memphis takes some time to share thoughts she’s learned from serving as a caregiver for her son, Walker (Cerebral Palsy), for 37 years.

Also, the Count of Mighty Disco (our show’s producer) brings it with the best soundtrack, and listen in for the “Caregiver Tip of The Day!”

Tens of millions of Americans serve as a volunteer family caregiver for an elderly, disabled, or chronically-ill loved one—and the number is growing!

EVERY DAY, you will encounter at least one of the 65+million caregivers.  They feel overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out.

Caregiver_PWR_ADo you know what to say to them?

Do you know how to effectively communicate the hope of the Gospel to them?


Through our radio show, books, and live appearances we are bringing practical help, Biblical principles, and community to those isolated in caring for vulnerable loved ones. Peter Rosenberger, co-founder and president of Standing With Hope, brings his 30 years of experience as his wife’s [Gracie] caregiver through a medical nightmare of 78 operations, multiple amputations, and more than $9 million in medical bills.

Don’t let caregivers struggle alone.  Send them a book, point them to the radio show, and help us reach family caregivers by supporting this ministry.  When you do so, you put thirty years of hard-won wisdom into the hands of a weary caregiver you know today!

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Peter Rosenberger, Founder and President of Standing With Hope