When we first heard of Simon from members of the Peace Corp in Ghana, we knew we faced a challenge.  Simon has what is known as a hip-disarticulation amputation.  His is missing his leg all the way to the hip.  This is the most challenging lower limb prosthesis to make.

In addition, Simon lived nearly 14 hours away by bus from the clinic in Accra, Ghana. After consulting with our team members, we agreed to accept this opportunity to push ourselves and our work in Ghana to greater heights.

A soft-spoken man, we met Simon hours after landing and literally throwing our bags into the hotel room and rushing to the clinic where our team immediately started treating Simon.

018Perched with what was left of his hip on the table, Simon patiently endured complete strangers wrapping a great deal of plaster around his body to make a mold for his new prosthesis.

Once the cast hardened, the technicians took it off and sent Simon to the local place the Peace Corp helped find for him to stay while our team built the prosthesis.

After several days of work (while we also treated other patients), Simon returned to the clinic to do something he never thought he do again since losing his leg.  Simon walked.


But that is only the beginning. Simon emailed us last month to show pictures of himself training to be a prosthetist himself.  We helped him walk …we never dreamed he would do the same for others!



Gracie Rosenberger founded this ministry by trusting God with the loss of both of her legs.  Now others walk.

Several of our prosthetists are also amputees who turned their loss into opportunity.

Now, one of our patients is following this example.





We help them walk.

We share the message of God’s Salvation.

We point them to Christ.

Help us do more! We’ve set a goal to sponsor 100 legs by 12/31/2015

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