In 2012, we met a girl named Sandra Twum.  Hit by a car at age 9, Sandra
lost her left leg.   As the amputation site healed, Sandra developed a small bony protrusion on her limb which prohibited fitting her with a prosthesis.

Talking with her mother, Philomena, I saw the pain in her heart as I asked her about Sandra’s family. Sandra’s father had abandoned Philomena and her three daughters.  Without a husband, and a child with a disability, the strain on this precious lady was sadly evident.

Sandra Twum_Post opOur team discussed this, and we felt that the right decision was to coordinate with local surgeons in Ghana and sponsor an orthopedic surgery for Sandra to correct the limb.

With great gratitude to team member, John Paradis, and his orthopedic surgery skills, the surgeons in Ghana worked with us to successfully repair Sandra’s leg. (pictured in post-op) 

We followed along with Sandra via video conference on a broadband network we helped establish.  Once our team felt the surgery site had sufficiently healed, the Ghanian prosthetists we help train and equip successfully fitted Sandra with a new limb.



Sandra and her mother stopped by to see us when our team returned to Ghana in September 2015.  We evaluated her limb, made a few adjustments, and provided her with more supplies such as prosthetic liners and sleeves.

This is an example of what we do.  It’s a labor intensive work that has life-changing results.  Sandra’s needs are not a one-time fix, and we will provide her with supplies and new limbs as needed until she is fully-grown, and even beyond that.

Your support helps us do this.  Standing With Hope does an amazing work and we invite you to take a moment to help us continuing lifting others.

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