Polymer of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A

(Acrylic Resin)

Acrylic Resin is critical to the work we do for amputees in Ghana.  We laminate the custom-fitted sockets with this material.  Socket

Acrylic Resin helps form the lightweight and durable socket for the prosthesis to fit comfortably.  We need to purchase a 55-gallon drum and ship the resin IMMEDIATELY.  This amount will make approximately 350 sockets.  This is a CRITICAL NEED that needs to be ordered by 7/15/2015 for the upcoming trip to Ghana (August 28-2015)

This 55-gallon drum of Resin will allow us to make 350 sockets.  That’s 350 people who will WALK!

ResinWe’ve tried different brands, but have settled on this particular brand due to several features:

    • It works well in a high humidity environment.
    • It has a long shelf-life, so bulk quantities can be purchased.
    • It is a “forgiving” material, so mistakes during lamination can be more easily corrected.

Total needed by July 15 is $7,500. This amount will purchase and ship this material …and it is cost.  No administrative fees.  It’s 100% dedicated.
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