Recycle Prosthetic Limbs

We’ve heard from many families over the years who called to say that a loved one who wore a prosthesis passed away …and they didn’t know what to do with the limb.  Often with great emotion, they ask if we would take the device.

Gracie-VivianWe are so honored that spouses, children, and other family members will trust us with a used prosthesis…and we absolutely will take those limbs, recycle the parts, and ship them overseas to help serve another person.  Gracie herself has rummaged through the closet to find prosthetic feet, or other materials she no longer uses, and we’ve used her own prostheses to help amputees walk.

In a wonderful partnership with Core Civic inmates volunteer to disassemble the donated limbs, and we recycle all the usable parts.

Prosthetic socks, liners, sleeves, and belt systems – we will take it all.  If a shoe is on the artificial foot, please don’t forget to include the other shoe! 

ALSO PUT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ON EACH BOX! (and the name of the patient if applicable)

While we will provide a receipt acknowledging the contribution, Standing With Hope does not assign a monetary amount to donated used prosthetic equipment. Please consult your financial advisor as to whether a deduction can be taken for this item(s).