Due to Covid-19, the world discovered what caregivers already knew: isolation fosters dark thoughts that easily take us down—often quickly.  Pushing back on isolation as a caregiver, however, often requires creativity. Sometimes it is as simple as a Facebook group, but that can only go so far. Regular phone, face-to-face conversations, and, when possible, group events, serve as the path towards healthy engagements.

It’s also best to start slow and avoid pinning our hopes on one individual or one encounter. Isolation often makes our hearts feel “parched” and it’s tempting to “guzzle” human contact. When dehydrated it’s best to sip water slowly and give our bodies a chance to hydrate properly.

The same thing applies to interaction. Avoid making people drink from the fire hose and hear every detail of our journey as a caregiver. Speaking slowly and calmly will ease us into a healthy engagement with others.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. — Helen Keller