Prosthetic Limb Ministry

The prosthetic limb program of Standing With Hope draws from the journey of founder, Gracie Rosenberger, who lost both of her own legs.  Gracie experienced a horrific car accident 35 years ago as a freshman at Nashville’s Belmont University.  Eighty operations later (including the amputation of both legs), Gracie’s passion to help her fellow amputees through ministry and mobility—continues to be the driving cause behind our work.

Recruiting prosthetists from around the country, Standing With Hope teaches and equips local workers within Ghana’s Ministry of Health to build and maintain affordable prosthetic limbs for their own people (as well as from neighboring countries).  For roughly the price of television, lives are changed—one leg at a time.  If the patient cannot afford the nominal co-pay for the limb charged by the clinic, then Standing With Hope will sponsor that limb.

The limbs are made onsite in Ghana using materials Standing With Hope purchases or provides. For example, we regularly purchase supplies such as acrylic resin that is required for manufacturing the socket. For other materials, we collaborate with several prosthetic companies around the country that provide us with excess or returned inventory.  We also work with Tennessee-based Core Civic. Inmates at a Core Civic detention center volunteer to disassemble used prosthetic limbs we collect from around the country. We can reuse the feet, pylons, knees, connectors, and adapters and in many cases liners and sleeves. See more at


Today is a great day to help someone walk!  Sponsor a limb, sponsor supplies …there are so many ways that YOU can give the gift that keeps on walking!