Helping my niece who has cerebral palsy play the piano, I saw a picture of a greater invitation to participate in God’s music.

From Peter Rosenberger’s radio show for caregivers 7/12/2015



The experience and wisdom Peter Rosenberger has gleaned as a caregiver for three decades gives him an astonishing understanding of health care issues facing millions of people. But more than that, Peter has unmatched empathy for the deep heartache faced by his fellow caregivers …that causes even the strongest to falter.

He has spoken/performed at hundreds of events including disability conferences, churches, conventions, association meetings, service organizations.

Catering his message to each audience he works with, Peter offer benefits to two groups of people: caregivers and other people who are in position to help a caregiver.

In addition to speaking to counselors, physicians, pastorssocial workersfinancial planners, and many other groups, Peter also brings a strong understanding of the need of today’s employers as they come to grips with a vast population of working caregivers. Weaving insights gathered from a lifetime of caregiving, Peter extends a lifeline of practical help to not only those caring for vulnerable loved ones, but also to the ones who seek to connect their products, services, and/or support to caregivers. 


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Hope for the Caregiver

Peter W. Rosenberger


NBC ALL STAR EVENT ARRIVALSWith tenacity, tenderness and humor Peter Rosenberger brings hope to those who find themselves in the overwhelming and sometimes lonely role of caregiver.  Amy Grant