Joni Tada and Gracie Rosenberger join voices to sing the classic hymn by Bill and Gloria Gaither.

The Gaither’s timeless song now appears as a staple in virtually every hymnal.   While beloved by millions, two special women bring a depth to this classic Gaither hymn like few can. With a combined 83 years of disability between the two of them, Joni Eareckson Tada and Gracie Rosenberger resoundingly share in this powerful performance of how they face each day’s brutal challenges.

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Because I Know He Holds The Future

When others asks, “Why would God allow…,” Joni and Gracie uncompromisingly and emphatically point to the sole reason they endure.

Joni TadaBoth women suffered heartbreaking and life-altering accidents at age seventeen.  While swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, Joni dove into shallow water, and was paralyzed (quadriplegia) for life.  Decades later, Joni suffered from cancer. In addition, the fifty years of living in a wheelchair has resulted in extensive pain for her.

An accomplish artist, and a prolific author, Joni also founded the international ministry, Joni and Friends.   Accelerating Christian ministry to the disability community, Joni and Friends launched WHEELS FOR THE WORLD.  This program features an international wheelchair ministry in dozens of countries.  Joni and Friends also conducts family retreats both domestically and internationally, These special events provide much needed respite to families with special needs members.

Life is Worth The Living, Just Because He Lives

Gracie, while driving to meet a friend, fell asleep on the interstate in Tennessee and suffered massive trauma that, to date has resulted in nearly 80 operations and dozens of additional procedures.  She eventually lost both of her legs below the knee. In addition, she lives with relentless pain from the extensive trauma she endured.

Pushing back against her disabilities, Gracie learned to snow-ski as a double amputee.  In an effort to provide the same hope that sustains her, Gracie, and her husband, Peter, founded Standing With Hope, a non-profit evangelical outreach with a prosthetic limb ministry as it’s flagship program. Standing With Hope also has an outreach to those caring for disabled or vulnerable loved ones that is spearheaded by Peter Rosenberger’s weekly radio show for caregivers. 

Watch their journey as they join voices again to proclaim the resurrection of Christ.  Pointing to Jesus as their sole anchor in the midst of the horrific storms they experience, Joni and Gracie unite to proclaim this eternal truth to those struggling with grim challenges.