John returns to Ghana for his second trip on August 28-Sept 5 2015 where he will serve as as support team member. John’s orthopedic surgery background brings an enormous resource to our team.

An avid competitor in the extreme challenge TOUGH MUDDER, John brings an enthusiasm, work ethic, medical background, and a deep love of sharing the Gospel.  He’s intent on whipping Standing With Hope founder Peter Rosenberger into better shape, and he’s about convinced Gracie Rosenberger to participate in a Tough Mudder.  Gracie, a double-amputee, wants to.  Peter shakes his head in disbelief!

John has raised his support for his trip, and has asked that you help support the other team members.

Online donation system by ClickandPledgeYou may be able to sponsor $25.  You may be able to sponsor the entire trip.  Anything raised more than that amount will go towards providing more limbs to amputees.

The leg we provide equips each patient to stand. The message of the Gospel we share enables them to Stand With Hope.

It’s just that simple.

You see, John’s trip embodies our vision and mission:

  • If you provide a leg to an amputee, he’ll walk.
  • If you teach and equip someone to MAKE legs—HUNDREDS walk!
  • If you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them while doing both, you equip them to continue Standing With Hope.
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