The hymnal is a treasure trove of strength, comfort, and clarity.
Yet, it seems that all too many churches have disconnected to they hymnal.
One of my earliest memories is of my mother showing me the pages of the hymnal as she sang in church. I could see the lines, and shapes of the notes, but because I couldn’t yet read, the words between the lines didn’t register with me.
But I could see the notes.
My first understanding of music flowed from a hymnal, and those hymns continue to serve as the soundtrack of my life.  In the sorrow and tragic moments of my journey as a caregiver, the hymns anchor and connect me to a vast chorus of individuals strengthened and encouraged by their words and familiar tunes.

Anchors In The Storm

When harsh moments such as what happened in Las Vegas assault us like a brick in the face … “when sorrows like sea-billows roll” … I, along with countless others are comforted by the great hymns of the faith.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to the piano in our home to musically “work out angst.” Nor can I count the times, when, as she struggled to deal with unrelenting pain and sorrow, Gracie’s voice would lift from bed or her wheelchair and sing along with me.
Below is one of those hymns …”Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”
“When words fail, music speaks.”  -Hans Christian Andersen.
Peter Rosenberger
Standing With Hope


Additional music from Gracie and Peter Rosenberger