Visitors Only

Following a 1983 car accident leaving her significantly disabled, Gracie, returned to Nashville’s Belmont University to resume music studies.  Due to her extensive injuries, Belmont installed a parking space for Gracie—beside what was then the school of music.
We still live rather close to Belmont, and I happened over there the other day.  Driving by the familiar space (still there 33 years later), I noticed the school converted it to a spot for visitors only.
The designation, however, grabbed my attention and pointed to a greater truth.  As believers, we know that we are all only VISITORS to disability and suffering. 

Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine

2 Corinthians 4:17 

The harshness of this world can make the days seem long, and nights feel endless.  In such times, Gracie and I recall pictures like the one of “her parking space.” Those pictures remind us we are only visitors to disability—it is a temporary parking space.
This week, we remember a greater calamity our Savior endured. Yet the tomb was only a “visitor’s” spot for Christ. Because of His resurrection, we can all continue (even in a temporary place of disability) …Standing With Hope.
Happy Easter!
Peter and Gracie Rosenberger
Standing With Hope

Peter Rosenberger is the author of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, 7 CAREGIVER LANDMINES AND HOW YOU CAN AVOID THEM, and recently released his new CD, SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER. Peter and Gracie founded Standing With Hope, a non-profit evangelical ministry that has two program areas:  A caregiver outreach and prosthetic limb outreach to amputees in Ghana, West Africa.

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