A Minute for Caregivers

When Everyday Feels Like Monday

Family caregivers struggle with keeping their heads above water while caring for an impaired loved one. Most caregivers feel their well-being is sacrificed for the well-being of their loved ones. Hanging on until their loved one passes away is simply not acceptable for a caregiver to live a healthy life. Caregivers can live a life of meaning― and not just simply survive. A Minute for Caregivers offers families with special needs children, aging parents, wounded warriors, trauma victims, mental illness, addiction, and any other chronic impairment will receive “ just in time” practical, emotional, and spiritual help in dealing with the (often) traumatic challenges of caring for an impaired loved one.

Hope for the Caregiver

In HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, Peter targets the vast population of America’s 65 million volunteer caregivers of vulnerable loved ones. Bringing his lifetime of experience, he offers a lifeline to fellow caregivers.

7 Caregiver Landmines

Drawing upon his vast experience as the self- proclaimed “Crash Test Dummy of Caregivers,” Peter identifies seven caregiver landmines that can wreak havoc in a caregiver’s life. Furthermore, these landmines can also affect the life of the caregiver’s vulnerable loved one.

Gracie Standing with Hope

From the roadside of a tragic car accident, to equipping amputees in West Africa to walk on prosthetics, to performing for the President of the United States, Gracie-Standing With Hope takes readers on an extraordinary journey of loss, sorrow, strength, courage, and faith.

With tenacity, tenderness and humor Peter Rosenberger brings hope to those who find themselves in the overwhelming and sometimes lonely role of caregiver.

– Amy Grant

A Mintue for Caregivers

More than 65 million Americans serve as family caregivers for a chronically impaired loved one. The demands upon America’s vast but often overlooked volunteer workforce of family caregivers has lead them to health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and more. Caring for a loved one through illness, injury, PTSD, addiction, or a myriad of other long-term impairments is undoubtedly challenging—so how do you help those who help—and care for those who care? Author Peter Rosenberger has provided such care and support to Gracie, his wife of nearly forty years and in A Minute for Caregivers shares what wisdom and encouragement his experience has taught him along the way.

A Minute for Caregivers: When Every Day Feels Like Monday is the word of encouragement for the spouse, parent, child, sibling—anyone—who is traveling the road of caregiving.

She wants is a minute of reprieve from responsibility. This little book has huge perspective for facing another day as a caregiver and not feeling guilty for taking a minute to care for yourself. With personal testimony from Peter, who speaks “fluent caregiver” due to his vast experience, along with A Minute for Caregivers has a place on
every shelf. When you don’t know how to keep going as a caregiver, read this book. When you don’t know how to support the caregiver in your life, give this book. It will bring a smile through the tears.

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