More than thirty years ago, a young woman struggled to wrap her mind around a hateful new reality following the horrific car accident she endured. Gracie Parker  was only 17 years old when her wreck occurred.

As she fought for life, independence, and every footstep, others hoped for the best—but many secretly felt a promising career, voice, and life was prematurely shut down by trauma, pain, and disability.

Many of those fears came true. Gracie’s journey has come with brutal challenges.

80 Operations

Both legs amputated in the 1990’s

Treatment by more than 80 doctors in 12 hospitals

More than $10 million in medical bills

Relentless pain for three decades.

Yet, through all those difficulties, Gracie’s successes have been just as astonishing.

An accomplished snow-skier as a double-amputee

Bringing two amazing sons into the world

Performing for Presidents

Sharing stages with some of America’s biggest stars

Singing for hundreds of thousands

Launching the world’s first full-time evangelical prosthetic limb outreach

Today, Gracie continues to serve as the driving passion behind this extraordinary work.  While the last few years witnessed Gracie’s health taking an even steeper dive, she is regaining her strength and voice, and plans on returning to Ghana with a Standing With Hope team as soon as possible.

Peter Rosenberger, host of radio show for caregivers and author of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER

Peter Rosenberger, host of radio show for caregivers and author of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER

Standing With Hope is led by Peter Rosenberger. He also brings an impressive resume of skills and experience.

  • An accomplished pianist, he arranged all of Gracie’s music and accompanied her on stages across the country.
  • As Gracie’s sole caregiver for 29 years, Peter brings an astonishing understanding of issues affecting more than 65 million Americans.  The author of three books, Peter’s newest book titled, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, is quickly becoming a powerful resource for those caring for vulnerable loved ones.
  • Peter hosts a weekly radio show for caregivers 1510 WLAC
  • With a lengthy speaking history, Peter has entertained, inspired, and challenged audiences across the country.  From the set of the TODAY show to a local civic group, Peter leaves audiences laughing and applauding while also touching the deep heartfelt places shared by those who hurt …and the ones who care for them.

As a gift to you, enjoy listening to Gracie and Peter performing these two hymns.

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