On June 2, 2016, a remarkable hero quietly left this world.

Stepping into eternity, Robertson McQuilkin ended his extraordinary work in this life—and those who knew him and knew of him can all agree on a life well lived in the service of his Savior. For a few years, God blessed me with the privilege of attending Columbia International University when he served as president of the school founded by his father, Dr. R.C McQuilkin.  My father-in-law and Roberston were also classmates at the school in the 1950’s.

A Promise KeptAs a speaker, preacher, teacher, and author, his body of work is impressive, but those things pale in comparison to what became the defining role of his life. The greatest impact made upon me and countless others by this gentle and kind man, came not from his academic and oratory abilities, but from that as a servant.  Robertson McQuilkin was a caregiver for his wife, Muriel, through the ravages of Alzheimer’s. ( Read his book, A PROMISE KEPT)

Serving as a caregiver for three decades provides me enough experience to know that Robertson had many low moments along his journey that saw it’s share of discouraging days—and brutal nights. But successful caregivers are not defined by the perfection of their service record, but by the perfection of their attendance record.

Successful caregivers are not defined by the perfection of their service record, but by the perfection of their attendance record.

Caregivers show up, shoulder brutal responsibilities and struggle to assist someone they love—often while feeling crushed physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually themselves.  Roberston demonstrated this for a host of caregivers who can follow the path he helped make a bit easier to see.

McquilkenWhen visiting him at his home many years ago as he labored to care for Muriel, Robertson McQuilkin model resolve for a young caregiving husband who can now appreciate the provision of grace in my life for meeting such a man.

My journey as a caregiver continues, but it is a crowded journey—filled with Robertson McQuilken and many other saints who planted wisdom, strengthened conviction, and pointed me to Christ through their lives.

Robertston McQuilken no longer speaks on this earth, but the echoes of his voice can still be heard in the steadfastness he imparted to so many, including me. Robertson McQuilken helped me better define the term, “hero of the faith.”   Each book I write, each radio show I host, each audience I address carries the imprint of Robertson McQuilken and the towering legacy he left—and the trail he helped blazed for caregiving husbands.

Robertson_McQuilkinHis lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.  Matthew 25:21






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