Why I am standing with hope

Recently, I was invited by the 315 Project to share my story. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” 1 Peter 3:15


Peter and his wife, Gracie, foundedStanding With Hope —a non-profit ministry committed to equipping others to stand with hope in their Christian faith through a prosthetic limb outreach in West Africa, as well as a caregiver outreach to those caring for chronically ill/disabled loved ones.

Bubble Wrap?! Really?!

Bubble Wrap? You’ve got to be kidding!  Hard to believe it’s been 7 years since Grayson Rosenberger won a national contest by inventing a new use for the packing material: creating a “skin” covering for below-knee prosthetic legs. We still cover legs with recycled Bubble Wrap and cosmetic hose.




Grayson (22), who serves on our board of directors is in college and heading into the film/entertainment business.


Check out this video of him doing this when in middle school.





An Incredible Journey

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Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Spanning decades of loss, tears, unimaginable pain, and even hilarious moments, you are invited to join this amazing journey that rises from heartbreak and tragic loss …to breathtaking views of God’s redemption that will strengthen even the weakest of hearts.



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The Powerful New Book

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Liberty University Press proudly announces the release of

Gracie-Standing With Hope

by Gracie Rosenberger. 

This powerful story chronicles a young woman awakening from a horrific car accident to a life filled with searing pain, enormous loss, and brutal challenges, but all dwarfed by her indomitable spirit and a desire to live a life of meaning.  Another unique quality about this book is, for the first time ever, a woman is telling her story through her husband’s writing. Gracie’s husband, Peter, partnered with her to pen this story, and their continued romance proves that love truly does conquer even the harshest of circumstances.

With a foreword by internationally known comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, this book will take readers on an amazing journey launched from an intensive care unit to spending time with wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center …to providing artificial limbs to amputees in West Africa –to performing on some of the world’s largest stages.  Spanning decades of loss, hilarious moments, tears, and unimaginable pain, Gracie’s story takes readers to breathtaking views of God’s redemption that will strengthen even the weakest of hearts.


Captivated by the outrageous personalities of Gracie and Peter, readers will find themselves moved by the powerful insights, candid revelations, and over-the-top humor woven together in this incredible story that will equip each reader faced with hardships …to continue Standing With Hope.

This is a raw and real story of pain …and restoration. It’s about the sustaining spirit of Christ when nothing else will work. I have known Peter and Gracie for a decade, and am so glad the time has come for them to share this amazing story with the world. You will carry it with you always. –Jeff Foxworthy


Gracie knows tragedy and pain; she understands what it takes to survive life’s most traumatic circumstances. Rising from the ashes of despair, she’s brought courage, faith, hope and strength to America’s Wounded Warriors. I’m overwhelmed by her personal struggle and determination to let Christ flood her soul. Her story is gripping, emotional, encouraging; super-charged with God’s healing Grace. 
Chaplain (Colonel) Craig N. Wiley
United States Army, former senior chaplain,
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
I have met many brave, inspirational people through the years but Gracie Rosenberger has to be the most extraordinarily courageous individual I have ever known. The way she approaches the challenges in her life is a testament to her faith and commitment to live the most abundant life possible. The next time you’re tempted to have a ‘pity party’ pick up Gracie’s book instead.
Kathie Lee Gifford, Co-Host, NBC TODAY Show


Gracie-Standing With Hope is now available:

The Song The Book Digital Version


“Turn that FOOTLOOSE!”


Don’t let an artificial leg go to waste …and just collect dust. We can recycle the limbs not being used …particularly the feet. Now, with our partnership with Corrections Corporation of America, inmates volunteer to disassemble those donated limbs …so that we can recycle all the usable parts.  See the Press Release

So turn that Foot Loose (oh c’mon you know that’s hysterical), and recycle that prosthetic limb in order to help someone else be able to walk.

(Click below to watch a short video showing more!)






We’ve heard from many families over the years who called to say that a loved one who wore a prosthesis passed away …and they didn’t know what to do with the limb. Often with great emotion, they ask if we would take the device.

We are so honored that spouses, children, and other family members will trust us with a used prosthesis…and we absolutely will take those limbs, recycle all the usable parts, and ship them overseas to help serve another person. Gracie herself has rummaged through the closet to find prosthetic feet or other materials she no longer uses …and we recycle virtually every part!

Prosthetic socks, liners, sleeves, and belt systems …we will take it all. If a shoe is on the artificial foot, please don’t forget to include the other shoe!

Shipping address:

Metro Davidson County Detention Facility
Standing With Hope Program
Attn: Barton Wilson
5115 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37211

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

A Mishap While On Mission

Tuesday( November 23) took an unexpected turn (literally), when we experienced a serious car accident while enroute to Fort Gordon to speak at a Thanksgiving luncheon.  Although both cars involved appeared to be totaled, everyone escaped with only minor scrapes and a few bruises.

Fort Gordon sent a car for us …and we traveled on to Augusta to participate in the event.  While waiting for the team from Fort Gordon, the paramedics noticed our new books scattered about in the back of the SUV after a box of them opened in the crash.

They all wanted a copy …and so we gave them away to the paramedics who treated a scrape on Gracie’s elbow.  They, along with the witnesses and even the other driver asked for signed copies and pictures with Gracie …so, protecting her elbow, she obliged.

She also signed books for soldiers later, and then the army docs on base took x-rays of her arm to make sure she was OK.  She was released with instructions to rest (which she is doing).

From emergency technicians, to soldiers, to an Imam chaplain …we connected with so many from such different walks of life —while struggling with yet another mishap for us, but also another opportunity to “boast all the more gladly in our weakness so that Christ’s power may rest upon us.” ( 2 Corinthians 12:9)

We have a lot to be thankful for.  Gracie missed three feet from being hit by the other car …and we are deeply grateful that only “things” were hurt.

I thought this video was funny (although at the time it was a little surreal)

Happy Thanksgiving!

TV Clip

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Gracie and Peter on Nashville NBC affiliate WSMV’s Midday Report