Needed Prosthetic Materials




Did you know we recycle prosthetic limbs?

It’s true …and we need your help in finding those used limbs that may be collecting dust in a closet somewhere.

But that’s not all we need.  Fabricating artificial limbs is an involved process requiring a great many materials. If you, or someone you know has access to some of the following, we would welcome any amount of these items:



Nylon Stockinet (4 or 6 inch)Carbon Fiber (any amount)
PVA Bags (6″ 8″10″ and 12″)
Laminating Adaptors (four prong BK)
Laminating Adaptors (Rotatable/Receivers AK)
Prosthetic Socks (all types)
Feet (all sizes and types)
Pylons (longer the better)
Tube Clamps/Screws
Acrylic  Resin (with Catalyst)
Cables (for arms)
Cast saws

Parker Rosenberger with a roll of carbon fiber.

Vacuum Pumps
Sanding Cones
Casting Bandages
Suspension Sleeves/Liners

Heavy prosthetic hose for the Bubble Wrap cosmesis.  Wait …are you telling me you don’t know about the Bubble Wrap connection?  Oh….you’ve got to see this!

So …put them in a box and ship them to

Metro Davidson County Detention Facility
Standing With Hope Program
Attn: Barton Wilson
5115 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37211


Check with your tax adviser as to whether or not you can claim the donation as a tax deduction. If so, we will gladly provide you with a receipt.