In addition to a prosthetic limb, each patient receives a Life and Limb Bag (we thought it was a clever name!). This nylon bag can be worn as a backpack, and contains hygiene materials for cleaning the new liners and sleeves …as well as the patient’s limb. Things such as anti-perspirant helps keep the limb dry so that no blisters or sores form while wearing the liner. The bag also contains a “scrunchy” that Gracie years ago discovered helped ease her phantom limb pain. By gently massaging the amputated limb with the scrunchy every night (Gracie did it for nearly a year), it “de-sensitizes” the nerves and helps avoid prickly sensations and uncomfortable pain for the patient.

The Life and Limb Bag also contains a detailed, laminated (to preserve it) instruction sheet on caring for the amputated limb, the new prosthetic limb, and the liners and sleeves provided. On the reverse side of the sheet, we display the plan of salvation …using the high value of the limb to illustrate our inability to obtain salvation on our own.

Excerpt from Standing With Hope’s Life and Limb Bag instruction sheet.

The reason you have this artificial limb is because Gracie Rosenberger trusted God with her own loss when both her legs were amputated. Gracie and her husband, Peter, founded Standing With Hope in order to help amputees in Ghana walk with the same hope that sustains them.
They equip Ghana Health Services with supplies and training, so that the National Prosthetic and Orthotics Centre can better serve amputees in Ghana. They do all this free of charge, and all that they ask in exchange is for the opportunity to tell you that you are loved by Jesus Christ.

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