“For twelve years following my accident, my mangled legs seemed to direct the course of my life; ironically, their absence would do the same.”


In Gracie-Standing With Hope, Gracie Rosenberger shares the pivotal moment where  relinquishing her own legs …became the springboard to a ministry to other amputees.  Drawing upon her own experiences with quality prosthetic limbs, Gracie purposes to equip and train local technicians in developing countries to fabricate and maintain limbs for their own people.


Standing With Hope recently signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Ghana …solidifying the unique relationship of the ministry with the West African country.

The goal is simple: equipping others, like Gracie, to continue Standing With Hope.  In doing so, a platform is provided to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That Gospel is the REASON Gracie, and all of us  …can stand with hope in the face of trials, storms, and even amputated limbs.