6 WheelChair Protocols For Caregivers

With 65 million Americans serving as a caregiver, that vast population will inevitably become acquainted with a wheelchair. On the surface, it may seem like a simple piece of machinery, but pushing a wheelchair for a loved one can contain more relationship dynamics than one might expect.  Here are a few things gleaned from pushing my wife in a wheelchair... [Standing…]

The Case For Support

Standing With Hope is the vision of Gracie Rosenberger.  Following the amputation of both legs in the 1990′s because of serious injuries sustained in a 1983 car accident, Gracie purposed to provide quality prosthetic limbs to her fellow amputees.  She made this commitment only hours after walking for the first time as a double amputee.  Growth... [Standing…]

Abide With Me

Grayson Rosenberger ( Standing With Hope Board Member) asked his father, Peter, to record a hymn every month. “Dad, before you ran a prosthetic limb ministry …or were even a caregiver for Mom, you were a pianist.  I think people would enjoy hearing you play.” This is Peter Rosenberger playing his arrangement of Abide With Me .  Set... [Standing…]

The Yardstick

Caregivers often hold ourselves to a faulty measuring standards.  Compiling a lifetime of experience into a life-line for caregivers, Peter Rosenberger shares a poignant story of how a more accurate measurement can help strengthen today’s caregivers. From: The Peter Rosenberger Show  Read More →

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire:  Excerpt From Gracie-Standing With Hope 2010 Liberty University Press Editor’s note: In 1983, Gracie Parker Rosenberger fell asleep at the wheel and experienced a horrific car accident that has led to 78 operations—including the amputation of both legs. In the physical therapy room at Walter Reed, my husband, Peter, and I met a... [Standing…]

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