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28 Years. Wow!

How many people think being married is easy? Reflecting on 28 years of marriage to someone who hurts, I am stunned that our marriage endures where so many don’t. I’ve heard that phrase a lot, “God’s grace  got me through …” , but could never see the practical application.  It sounds nice to say, but “fleshing”... [Standing…]

Easy As 1-2-30

Supporting Standing With Hope is as easy as 1 – 2 – 30:   1 Leg:   2 Team Members:  $30 Per month to sponsor a limb Your 100% tax deductible gift can help sponsor: 1 limb for our upcoming trip (August 27-Sept. 7) Sponsoring a limb is only $350, and for less than the cost of a television, we’re changing lives one leg at... [Standing…]

A Leg Worth Standing On

A new team heads to Ghana on August 27th through Sept. 6. We are, of course, monitoring the Ebola issue, but Ghana seems to be clear in this matter. Not only are we planning extra precautions, but we will certainly make plans accordingly if needed.  Regardless, our team is committed to go and serve. You can play a part in that trip by sponsoring a... [Standing…]

Response To Ann Coulter’s Remarks

Recently, author/speaker Ann Coulter made some comments about Christian missionaries that struck us as being beyond the pale. published my response . Read the article  Read More →

Team Heading To Ghana This Month

A new team heads to Ghana on August 27th.  We are, of course, monitoring the Ebola issue, but Ghana seems to be clear in this matter.  We will certainly make plans accordingly if needed. You can play a part in that trip by sponsoring a prosthetist…or a leg. Beanie Ketcham, Certified Prosthetist, from Birmingham Limb and Brace is returning to... [Standing…]

Hope for the Caregiver

  PRE-ORDER TODAY FROM AMAZON & SAVE! CLICK HERE (not billed until shipped) Are you one of the 65 million Americans  currently serving as a caregiver? If you are, then you are probably weary, frustrated, afraid, and maybe even downright resentful and angry. Sound familiar? Drawing upon my own journey of nearly thirty years, I’ve... [Standing…]

Feeling the Need to Wash God’s Hands?

More than a quarter century ago, I crashed into the wall of reality as I sat on the floor outside Gracie’s hospital room at 3 AM …following three sleepless nights after her 25th operation. That night, I witnessed her experience a gran mal seizure and was stunned …and covered with her vomit.Grabbing her chart from the nurses station,... [Standing…]

A Balm in Gilead

With our long time college buddy (& GRAMMY winner), Chris Latham, we recorded this stirring arrangement of the old spiritual “BALM IN GILEAD.”This was done as a gift for my father for Father’s Day. It’s his favorite hymn and has defined his 50+ year ministry. Sitting in her wheelchair without wearing her prosthetic limbs,... [Standing…]

Why I am standing with hope
2014-04-27 19.19.14

Recently, I was invited by the 315 Project to share my story. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” 1 Peter 3:15 ABOUT PETER Peter and his wife, Gracie, foundedStanding With Hope —a non-profit ministry committed... [Standing…]

You Know, He DOES look like Bill Clinton

Yeah … I get that a lot.  Plus, I can sound like the former President, as well. Here’s an audio clip from the show that proves it. How would you like three decades of experience, tips, and wisdom as a caregiver …available 24/7? Peter Rosenberger’s podcast of his show is now available in the NEW CAREGIVER CLUB. Exclusive access... [Standing…]

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