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A Difficult Journey. A Powerful Impact

Every November 18, I pause to remember what happened to Gracie on this day in 1983. Although all of us experience trauma, pain, and hard times in our life, Gracie’s journey brings a level of suffering and challenges that still causes me to wince …and wonder in my heart why God has seen fit to allow such brutal realities for one person. The... [Standing…]


  Peter Rosenberger has emerged a powerful voice in addressing the needs of America’s vast caregiver population—and brings proven practical help and wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of caregiving. As a caregiver for three decades, he brings “…a lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline of help.”   Order today for only... [Standing…]

“You Might Be A Caregiver If ….”

I recently invited Jeff Foxworthy to help me do a riff for caregivers and we filmed a spot for AARP:  “You might be a caregiver if …”  It still makes me laugh to watch it.   “How can you laugh all the brutal challenges that your family continues to endure?” This was how a conversation started recently when talking to a... [Standing…]

They’re Going To Fall

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:4 (NLV) A week following the amputation of my wife’s right leg—after years of trying to save it following her car accident, we left the hospital to help her begin a new life... [Standing…]

See the Heart, Not the Chart

// Too often, we caregivers become embroiled in the medical tasks of caring for our loved ones.  Under all the problems, pain, pharmaceuticals, and even personality issues is a person who doesn’t want to have to endure what life has handed them. If you find your conversations are filled with medical jargon, it may be a sign that you are missing... [Standing…]

A Message From Gracie

Gracie being helped by inmates at Corrections Corporation of America’s Metro-Davidson Facility …where inmates volunteer to disassemble used prosthetic limbs in order to recycle the parts for Standing With Hope to use in building new limbs for amputees in Ghana.  Read More →

The 7 Steps Of A Prosthetic Limb Ministry

The simple steps of Standing With Hope’s prosthetic limb ministry. Collect used prosthetic limbs Disassemble limbs with the help of inmates who volunteer to recycle prostheses Ship Components To Ghana Treat Patients Train Local Workers Lift Others Up Point Others To Christ      Read More →

What We Know
2014-04-27 19.19.14

You ever have someone come up to you and either brashly tell you why you are dealing with hard times …or even try to speculate what God is doing? If not, wait …it’ll happen. From Peter Rosenberger’s show and podcast, here are his thoughts on the subject:  It’s not what we DON’T know …it’s what we DO... [Standing…]

A Happy Party!
William and Asor

Allow us to introduce you to William. He lives in Ghana. Two weeks ago, our team was in Accra, Ghana and treated patients. We also equip and train the local workers to provide limbs for their own people. William lost his leg above the knee …and his friends and family were certain he would never walk again. They were never so happy …to... [Standing…]

Deuteronomy 31:8

In a recent interview about my new book, I mentioned one of the features I set out to incorporate is that “…a caregiver can literally open this book to any page, and with their eyes closed, point to any place on the page and find something that immediately helps. I did that myself again this morning while reading my book. My finger landed... [Standing…]

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