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She’s Got Legs. She Knows How To Use Them

From the heartbreaking loss of both legs due to injuries from a 1983 car accident, Gracie Rosenberger is putting quality prosthetic limbs on her fellow caregivers and equipping them to continue  …Standing With Hope. A prison ministry where inmates disassemble used prosthetic limbs in order to recycle the parts. Training Mission Trips where US... [Standing…]

The Free Podcast: A Lifeline for Caregivers

It’s 2 AM and you just went through a crazy caregiving event. You’re staring at the ceiling with your mind going a million miles an hour. Fear, Obligation, Guilt. Resentment, Frustrations, Weariness. Sound familiar? We caregivers understand those things, and want you to know that you don’t have to walk through this alone.  Visit... [Standing…]

It’s Already Out of Control
WebMD_Peter Rosenberg

Many caregivers live in fear of their situation getting out of control. It’s already out of control.  We’re not meant to control it, because we can’t. We are merely stewards.    Read More →

Extra Fiber
Carbon Fiber

For a decade, we’ve helped provide advanced materials to the clinic in Ghana to build high quality limbs.   “I won’t put a leg on someone that I’m not willing to wear!” – Gracie Rosenberger, founder, Standing With Hope One of the critical materials is carbon fiber – which increases the strength of the prosthetic... [Standing…]

Helping A Caregiver

Practical ways to help a caregiver, including a much needed tip for gun safety.   “The abilities and stability of caregivers increase with regular rest and leisure.  Even God took a Sabbath rest.  Free time mean just that:  free time.  We must relax and improve our state of mind and body.  Wrapping our entire beings into our role... [Standing…]

Be Still My Soul

The Christmas season can be a sad, lonely, and even heartbreaking time for so many. Family who are no longer with us. Christmas in the hospital, nursing home, or hospice. Christmas celebrations overshadow with heartaches. Gracie and I understand those things. From Standing With Hope …we offer this as an encouragement to those who hurt. ( click... [Standing…]

Caregivers and Christmas Stress
Branches Recovery Center

For Caregivers, the Christmas Holidays can bring some difficult challenges to already challenging circumstances. Dr. Mike Courtney of Branches Recovery Centers checks in with Peter Rosenberger’s radio show for caregivers to talk about tips for caregivers—including the three “S’s” for caregivers to remember during the extra... [Standing…]

The Gift That Keeps On Walking

Standing With Hope is the vision of Gracie Rosenberger.  Following the amputation of both legs in the 1990’s due to serious injuries sustained in a 1983 car accident, Gracie purposed to provide quality prosthetic limbs to her fellow amputees.  She made this commitment only hours after walking for the first time as a double amputee.  Growth... [Standing…]

A Difficult Journey. A Powerful Impact

Every November 18, I pause to remember what happened to Gracie on this day in 1983. Although all of us experience trauma, pain, and hard times in our life, Gracie’s journey brings a level of suffering and challenges that still causes me to wince …and wonder in my heart why God has seen fit to allow such brutal realities for one person. The... [Standing…]

Peter Rosenberger

  Peter Rosenberger has emerged a powerful voice in addressing the needs of America’s vast caregiver population—and brings proven practical help and wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of caregiving. As a caregiver for three decades, he brings “…a lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline of help.”   Order today for only... [Standing…]

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