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Why I am standing with hope
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Recently, I was invited by the 315 Project to share my story. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” 1 Peter 3:15 ABOUT PETER Peter and his wife, Gracie, foundedStanding With Hope —a non-profit ministry committed... [Standing…]

You Know, He DOES look like Bill Clinton

Yeah … I get that a lot.  Plus, I can sound like the former President, as well. Here’s an audio clip from the show that proves it. How would you like three decades of experience, tips, and wisdom as a caregiver …available 24/7? Peter Rosenberger’s podcast of his show is now available in the NEW CAREGIVER CLUB. Exclusive access... [Standing…]

They’re Waiting To Walk

She’s endured 78 operations, both legs amputated, and $9 million in medical bills …and she’s inviting you to help her provide limbs for her fellow amputees. Supplies are needed for the work in Ghana—and another team leaves on August 27 and will return September 7. We ask you to consider sponsoring any of the items listed. These... [Standing…]

Free Sneak Preview of the Book

WORTHY PUBLISHERS is offering an exclusive opportunity to read an advanced version of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER before it hits bookstores in Septembers. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER A lifetime of experience. A lifeline for fellow caregivers. Peter Rosenberger is president of Nashville-based Standing With Hope, an outreach whose flagship... [Standing…]

Do You Struggle With The Three “I’s”

Caregivers struggle with the three I’s:  Isolation Loss of Independence Loss of Identity “Medical insurance is not the issue.  That’s a skill you learn and move on …and I can teach you. The vast majority of caregivers I meet don’t struggle with insurance – it’s ASSURANCE- they’re frustrated, weary,... [Standing…]

What Can Wash Away My Sins

This stirring version of the old hymn, What Can Wash Away My Sin, I arranged and performed with Gracie as a gift for Gracie’s dad on Father’s Day – his favorite hymn. Her first recording in years, Gracie  recorded this at home in a “live-to-track” recording. The last few years have seen Gracie experience a serious... [Standing…]

You Can’t Push A Wheelchair With Clenched Fists

When we feel out of control, it scares us. When we learn we don’t have to be …it relieves us.   From HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER.  (release date 9/16/2014)   (Click below to listen to a clip from Peter Rosenberger’s weekly radio show)     For a decade, Standing With Hope has equipped amputees in West Africa to stand. Your... [Standing…]

She Has A Savior. I’m Not Him

When I first started on this journey, I put my life on hold to help her life improve.  After doing this for some time, it dawned upon me that I cannot wait for her to get better …or worse…before I took steps to live a healthy life. - From HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER © 2014 Peter W. Rosenberger  Worthy Publishers O yes, my friend, you... [Standing…]

A Foot of Faith

What does it mean to “step out in faith?” Kwame was angry and blamed God for the loss of  his left leg.  Standing With Hope provided a limb for him to walk, but the extraordinary gift of a special foot gave inspired the courage to take a step of faith.   Is there a specific loss that is driving you to feel angry at God? Would you be... [Standing…]

Guilt: The Gift That Keeps On Taking

Α   Guilt will eat you up as a caregiver.   You can walk.  They can’t.   You can easily get showered and dressed, they can’t.   He’s lonely and isolated and want to you to be with the all the time.  You have other commitments.  She’s in pain.  Your’re not. We push ourselves to extremes, often out of guilt. Α Α “Calvin... [Standing…]

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